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Quebico is a very small studio that uses computer graphics (CG) to create things.

Because we are such a small studio, we cannot do everything on our own.

Therefore, we meet many people to create things together with us.

People we meet are not limited to Japan.

We connect with people all over the world on the internet and create things with people living in various countries.

By doing so, we have become able to create bigger things as well!

And now, in a rapidly changing world, the things that everyone wants, and even the way those are made, are changing rapidly.

So Quebico continues to change its appearance and keep making things.

No matter what changes, we always cherish the feeling that "Having fun creating things."

We never give up on what we want to create just because we cannot do it on our own.


Even today, we enjoy making things with newly met people while constantly changing our appearance here at Quebico.







Quebico Inc.

Kei Miyamoto

September 1, 2017

#702 Villa Bianca 2-33-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

+81 3-4578-8822

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