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Quebico is continuously looking for companions who can work with us to create works.

However, we have not yet decided on the type of companions we are looking for!

Even so, if you are interested in joining us, please check the details below.

Quebico is a studio that constantly changes its form.

By welcoming the new companions, the shape of Quebico will change. Currently, our main focus is on CGI animation, but with the new companions in the future, CGI production may no longer be our main focus.

Whether you have experience in making things or are young and have no experience but love making things, don't hesitate to get in touch with Quebico if you are interested in us.

We are excited to welcome new companions from all kinds of fields so we can evolve and enjoy making things



Job Description



Location / Working Hours

Whoever is ready to make things! (You don't have to have any background in CGI production.)

Currently, our main works are in CGI animation. However, our primary focus can be changed along with new team members.

  1. Anyone loves creating things.

  2. Please show us your demo reel if you have a background in any fields. If you don't have any demo reel to show, then please express yourself "what you want to do" or "why it needs to be Quebico".

We would like to discuss based on former achievements and your contribution to Quebico.

There are no restrictions on the working location. You can choose to work at the office or remotely, depending on your individual circumstances. Please note that we sometimes gather at the office. The working hours can be designed to your lifestyle. We are open to discussing alternative working arrangements with individual employees.


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